Republican policy is always terrible, so how do republicans ever win elections?


Republicans lie. Constantly. They lie about the border. They lie about the deficit. They lie about inflation. There is no issue that republicans fail to lie about. And their lies are promoted by foreign-owned fox propaganda network and fox’s even dumber copycat networks and dozens of rush limbaugh wannabe’s on AM hate radio.


You could claim that both parties gerrymander, and that is true – but to a far greater degree by republicans.

Suppressing the vote

Purging voters (often minorities) from the voter rolls shortly before elections. Pushing the false narrative that “both sides are the same”. Making it harder for students and the poor to vote.

Anti-American Right Wing Supreme Court Justices

The obvious example is GWB’s election, where the supreme court appointed Bush in an election it turns out Gore won. But the far right supreme court has also been destroying voting rights laws, allowing republicans to win elections they have no business winning.