Insane Zimmerman apologists

Evidence: bloody/broken nose that’s all. nothing else. and from that evidence, nutjobs take these things as fact: – trayvon attacked zimmerman – trayvon wasn’t scared […]

Yahoo! supporting fascism

Yahoo! Finance has a poll today. The IRS targeted Tea Party groups. What do you think should happen to the agency? Abolish it now (10193) […]

haha, a genius conservative

well, for yahoo answers anyway. the tard asked ‘Who would bother to spell out Babyspittle when they could just say BS?’, clearly wanting my attention. […]

Long term right wing bullshit

I’m sometimes amazed at the right wing bullshit that manages to last in the right wing bubble for many years. – birther nonsense – false […]

End Walmart

How much harm does walmart do to the United States? A single walmart can cost approximately 1 to 2 middle dollars per year. As of […]