That trend looks like it would sharply continue, doesn’t it? Thankfully, that trend did not continue. The chart shows job growth, if you haven’t guessed. […]

Right Wing Nutty Yahoo

A new poll today on yahoo finance (not a thinker’s site). “In the wake of the Washington state bridge collapse, would you support a tax […]


This is an app that sounds useful. It lets you avoid monsanto, or the koch brothers series of products. Buycott

Spammers Spanked

Prior to some simple changes yesterday, this site got more than 10,000 spam comments per day. Today? none got through. Suck it, spammers.

Right wing nutty yahoo

This poll was in yahoo’s financial section, which you wouldn’t think would be filled with morons. What would you like to see out of any […]

Increasing your savings

If you’d like to increase the amount you save each month, you’d either increase your income or reduce your expenses. If there’s not an obvious […]

Reviewing Solar Stocks

Back in November, I recommended Sunpower (SPWR) and First Solar (FSLR). At the time, SPWR was $4 / share. Its now $15 / share. If […]