Campbell Brown on Journalism

More evidence refuting the assertion that CNN leans to the left. CNN leans right by continuing to passively help right-wing disinformation spread. Referring to CNN’s […]

Right Wing Media vs. Reality part 2

Two articles, same subject. Washington Post vs the New York Times. Dana Milbank vs Christopher Drew Washington Post How not to stick to your guns […]

Public Option

The public option being proposed in the house bill is the version that the more conservative democrats prefer. That means rates will be negotiated rather […]

Avatar Trailer

The Avatar Trailer is below. Avatar was directed by James Cameron. Yeah, the titanic guy. But also the strange days guy. Did Terminator 3 (bleh) […]

Commander in Chief

Initially I didn’t understand why he’d stand with the officers. Then I remembered the ‘Commander-In-Chief’ job title, which clearly puts him at the top of […]

Joe Lierberman: Independent

Independent of his constituents. His party is afterall, Connecticut for Lieberman not Lieberman for Connecticut (64% of Connecticut wants the public option). Stephen Colbert’s take on […]

Yankees vs. Phillies

With my preferred underdogs (Minnesota and St. Louis) already beaten, baseball is down to the Yanks and Phils. Tim Brown over at Yahoo Sports has […]

Shutter Island

Directed by Martin Scorsese. With Ben Kingsley and Leonardo DiCaprio. I’ll wait for video, barring an outstanding review by Roger Ebert. I like Scorsese usually, […]