The Artic Light Time-Lapse

Lovely. I want one of the tools they use to slowly pan the camera to create this video – whatever it is. The Arctic Light […]

Carolina jasmine

This is my 2nd plant to flower. And unlike the paperwhite narcissus – I really like this smell. I have this plant blockaded so that […]

Narcissus Paperwhite Timelapse

This is my first flower since I started my indoor growing hobby a few months ago. Apparently paperwhites only take 2-3 weeks to bloom. Mine […]

Extreme Ice Survey

Timelapse video of glaciers receding in Alaska, Greenland and Iceland. Their timelapse gallery is here: AK-03 Columbia Cliff Narrated from Extreme Ice Survey on […]


All plants growing in my little apartment. And my deck is full of others. These are probably narcissus bulbs, though one is likely a hyacinth. […]

Seeds in Deco Beads

The clear beads have a combination of four o’ clock and sweet pea seeds. Both seem to have sprouted, and rather quickly. The green beads […]

New plants

I have been searching for the perfect plant: – easy to grow, care for – fragrant scent or some unique/useful feature – requires little light, […]


Aeroponics is a system developed by Nasa to be used in space, as there is no soil involved at all. This is a small system, […]


I am going to attempt to grow a few bonsai trees. At least until I decide its too much trouble or too difficult. I ordered […]