That trend looks like it would sharply continue, doesn’t it?
Thankfully, that trend did not continue.

The chart shows job growth, if you haven’t guessed.
Lets look at GDP.

Normally, our two economies (UK and US) move together.
After the 2008 crisis and recession, though – UK’s economy grew much slower.
What about other countries?

So what was it that allowed us to reverse the bad job growth trend?
What has our economy growing faster, compared to the UK?

The UK enacted austerity measures in a foolish attempt to reduce their deficit – but by doing that they also cut their revenue and shrank their economy.
We only were able to pass a single jobs bill with the (R) insanity in congress.

Obama’s stimulus got 3 (R) votes, making it the only jobs bill (R)’s have allowed to pass in his entire presidency to this point.

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