Discussion with Anti-vaxxers

This was not a debate. This was standard right wingers denying or ignoring facts and pushing falsehoods. Unfortunately the site where this discussion took place has removed the thread, perhaps because the right wingers were getting their asses kicked.

One of them said that covid vaccines caused heart problems, but that getting covid didn’t have those effects. Was this a case of a right wing nut “doing their own research”?

“Since the early days of the pandemic, we have known that people who had COVID-19 have an increased risk for cardiovascular disease or stroke up to one year after infection,”


Experts have long observed that the COVID-19 coronavirus increases the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke for up to a year after infection, particularly for those who already have underlying heart conditions. 


Another claimed to have known 4 younger people who “died because of the vaccines”. CDC says 9 have died, all due to blood clots from the Johnson&Johnson vaccine which has not been available for years.

They pushed a “study” by well-known antivaxxers which simply recycled a bunch of other false claims.

One of them (staying on topic) said to compare the price of gas between our current booming economy and the price during the pandemic. If you are so stupid you think economic disaster is good policy because the price of gas is lower during those times, then you are too stupid to be voting.

Another denied the reality that obamacare reduces the deficit, in a larger conversation about which party is more responsible for the national debt.

One of them thinks “america first” and “make america great again” are POLICY, hahaha. In reality, “america first” was a KKK slogan, and “make america great again” is a slogan borrowed from hitler’s “make germany great again”.

Everything these right wing dumbfucks said is the height of stupidity.