Searching for a non-Fox cable provider

Comcast is out. AT&T supports idiot tea-baggers. Directv is owned by news corp (fox “news”). Hmm. Dish network may be free of right wing lunacy. […]

Youtube journey

Read the comments of my video. Its clear this video got 5,000 views because a certain group of people think its something its not. I […]

Deficit Monster Will Eat Your Baby

Its simply unbelievable we elected so many republicans who don’t understand how the deficit works. They don’t realize that tax cuts (reduced tax revenue) and […]


AT&T was the top contributor — with a whopping $351,500 — to members of the House Tea Party Caucus, led by the extremist Michele Bachmann, […]

The Event

I’ve tried to care about this show. Unfortunately, I seem to be falling into the Bourne trap. Every time I try to watch the Event […]