Conservative Mental Patients that think they don’t approve of “Obama’s Policies”

What you idiots don’t approve is NOT obama’s policies.
What you idiots don’t approve of is what you’ve been TOLD BY RIGHT-WING MEDIA.
What you idiots don’t approve of is republican policy and its affects.
90% of our debt is republican policy.
Iraq and Afghanistan are republican-started wars.
ALL jobs lost under Obama were the result of the recession which began more than a year before he was elected.

when a fucking dipshit tells you they don’t like Obama’s policies, ask them WHICH.
99% chance they name a republican policy.
stupid fucking cons.

If a con tells you they don’t like the stimulus, they are being retarded.
Our UE would be over 11% without it (nobody would be better off).

If a con doesn’t like Obama’s energy policies, remind them that Obama hasn’t signed any energy legislation.

“i don’t like obama’s policies neither his style of gov’ment(i thing he’s too liberal).”

that is the most specific any google results get after 20 results.
“he’s too liberal.” (while he governs from the center, keep in mind)

Why are dumb cons never specific?
Two reasons.
– They are lazy (don’t know anything)
– They want to hate the president (based on lies and rhetoric), but don’t want to admit its for racial reasons or because they’ve been deceived.

When a conservative claims they “don’t like obama’s policies”, ask them which policy.
chances are they name a republican policy, if they can name a policy at all.
its a damned smokescreen because they want to say they have a substantial reason for disliking the president.

3 thoughts on “Conservative Mental Patients that think they don’t approve of “Obama’s Policies”

  1. Not to say that it’s a bad idea for you, because we’re free in this corntuy to choose our own destiny-but you are not free to choose MY destiny. Get it? And for you to have the balls to tell ME that I’m afraid of change is rich. Old ass hippies that never grew out of 1968 AREN’T afraid of change? I know PLENTY of hippies and ex-hippies. Being a hippie doesn’t mean you have to be cut off from society and a sponge. You’re like a 3 year old throwing a fit! I WANT I WANT! GIMME!!!!!!

    1. Cons like you hate the USA, always advocating for the richest to the detriment of everyone else.
      Republicans are not on your team.
      The koch brothers are not libertarians.

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