Microsoft Courier vs Apple Tablet

Microsoft Courier Some details have been leaking out about Microsoft’s two-sided computer flipbook. Courier User Interface from Gizmodo on Vimeo. More can be found at […]

Fox network spreading lies again

Steve Doocy, Glenn Beck and other fox truth stretchers have been pushing the false claim that: “White House Political Director Patrick Gaspard once served as […]

Don’t get sick

The GOP health care plan: Don’t get sick In chastising republicans for their blind support of the status quo, Alan Grayson brought out a sign […]

A decent prediction by Mike Blowers

Predicted the day of a players first home run. And the inning (5th). And the pitch type (fastball) And the count (3-1). And the location […]

Movies I won’t watch

Fame A movie about Dancing. However, I do find Kherington Payne appealing enough. Kherington Payne Behind-The-Scenes Photo Shoot – These bloopers are hilarious Reluctantly, here […]

Takedown: Psycho Orangutan vs Dog

Apologies for the misleading title. This is a fun video. This link has another odd pair. A hippo and a 130-year old tortoise. And […]