Our vice president, Joe Biden has a reputation for being a gaffe-machine. But his most recent effort, “This is a big fucking deal” whispered to […]

A beautiful mind

Grigory Perelman (or Grisha) is a russian math genius, who was the first person to solve one of the Millenium Prize Problems. Grigory turned down […]

GWB is a germaphobe

Something else I didn’t know, george was big into hand-santizers. This video cracks me up, whether or not Bush is actually wiping his hand on […]

Walk softly and carry a big gavel

Republicans are stalling, as expected – trying to exploit technicalities to delay the vote. So far, california has contributed two real losers to this debate, […]

The home stretch

The final vote is scheduled for Sunday. They’ll have spent a year building to this moment. Medicare took 3+ years. Cries of “this took soooo […]

GOP’s fraudulent memo

Really slimey tactics by the republicans. Not a suprise. The crazy lady is Virginia Fox. She’s really crazy. Here’s the story at Huffpo.