Bring a chicken to the doctor

Harry Reid’s republican opponent suggests bringing a chicken to pay the doctor, as an alternative to the recently passed health care reform bill. And it […]

Democrats fight the lies

During the health care debate of the last year, democrats didn’t refute the lies. At least, not enough to counter the massive spread of misinformation […]

Meet the Tea Party

The Tea Party is composed of the far right – they are extremists. Half of them think Glen Beck is news. Here’s a video compilation […]

Pathetic CNN tax report misleads

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the video. I’ll check again later. Last night (this morning) CNN has a short segment explaining who pays what as far […]

They killed Renee

As the great 24 nears its end, they’ve killed off yet another. This time, Renee. Part luke skywalker to Jack’s Yoda, part soul mate. She […]

Jason Heyward starts big

The top prospect in baseball hit a home run in his first at bat, with the anxious crowd chanting “Let’s go, Heyward!” before his home […]