Fantasy Baseball

The offense I like. Starters C Yan Gomes C | CLE C Mike Zunino C | SEA 1B Edwin Encarnacion 1B | TOR 2B Kolten […]


Look around the major leagues. There’s exciting pitching everywhere. The question is, did the pitching get that much better, or is the reduction in PED’s […]

Conner Crumbliss and Wade Boggs

Last year, I noted that Conner walked nearly twice as often as he struck out, in his debut at Vancouver. This year, at Kane Country, […]

Giants in review

Last October, I suggested the Giants do a whole lot of nothing in the off-season. Clearly, they wouldn’t be in the World Series if I […]

Jason Heyward starts big

The top prospect in baseball hit a home run in his first at bat, with the anxious crowd chanting “Let’s go, Heyward!” before his home […]

Happy 27th World Series NY

I still don’t like Johnny Damon. But Swisher makes up for Damon. I’m happy Arod had a good series, but his star has fallen. Howard […]

Yankees vs. Phillies

With my preferred underdogs (Minnesota and St. Louis) already beaten, baseball is down to the Yanks and Phils. Tim Brown over at Yahoo Sports has […]

Kansas City Royals Off-season

UPDATE: There has been rumors that KC may attempt to trade high on Alberto Callaspo, who apparently likes to party. Nothing wrong with that, as […]

San Francisco Giants Off-season

What should the giants do in the off-season? Running through the positions: C. Posey/Whiteside – let Posey take his lumps. He may not be ready. […]