Twilight falling fast?

Someone help me out here. I heard a couple of weeks ago that the movie “new moon”, part of the twilight trilogy, came out and […]


All plants growing in my little apartment. And my deck is full of others. These are probably narcissus bulbs, though one is likely a hyacinth. […]

Chamber of Lies

The chamber of commerce is at it again, with downright stupid commercials they hope misleads the public regarding the health care reform bill being discussed […]

Ed Begley Jr’s good advice

If you want to know about a particular science, talk to the scientists. Don’t get your science news from someone who doesn’t understand it. In […]

Courage the Turkey

The president tosses around some humor, while pardoning courage the turkey. “All told, I think its fair to say that today we’ve saved or created […]

Washington Post: The Fox of newspapers

Washington Post – just makin’ shit up. Two writers claimed that: House Minority Leader John A. Boehner won’t be there; he’s on Thanksgiving break and […]

Fight malnutrition with Moringa

According to, Moringa oleifera has great potential in combatting extreme poverty and hunger. The nutritious leaves grow quickly, and in many types of environment, […]