If you think Tucker Carlson is a journalist, you’re an idiot.

Tucker has tried to label himself a journalist. He is not. He never has been. He is a propagandist, and a very dumb one who appeals only to white supremacists and severely stupid/senile old folks.

Tucker Carlson’s upcoming interview with Putin tracks with his long history of pro-Kremlin propaganda

5 Times Tucker Carlson Privately Reviled Trump: ‘I Hate Him’
(while acting completely different on the air, where he promoted trump)

Tucker has claimed he’s unvaccinated, but “Fox Corporation, the owner of Fox News, told employees on Friday that those working in New York City would have to show proof they’d had at least one dose of the Covid vaccine by Dec. 27, removing the option to get tested weekly instead.

Tucker Carlson was always a misogynist on Fox

Tucker Carlson attacks Greta Thunberg, calls her an “emotionally damaged child”

Tucker Carlson accuses America of “mounting a disinformation campaign” against Russia

Tucker Carlson says the impeachment of Donald Trump was a plot by Democrats to intentionally incite war with Russia

Tucker Carlson’s history of pro-Kremlin, anti-Ukraine propaganda

A 4chan anti-trans hoax about “Trans Day of Vengeance” spread from Twitter to various right-wing figures, including Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson: Covenant school shooting happened “because of a deranged and demonic ideology”

Tucker Carlson calls January 6 rioters “patriotic Americans”

Those are only a few recent examples of Tucker’s constant anti-american propaganda. Tucker Carlson is not a journalist and shame on anyone stupid enough to think he is.