Explaining the NWO freaks

I’m sure if you spend much time online, you’ve noticed the NWO freaks.
Complaining about the illuminatti or the NWO.

Who are they?
Generally conservative, stupid, and prone to believing conspiracy theories (because life isn’t exciting enough?)

Why do they believe that garbage?
They’ve been indoctrinated by right-wing clowns like alex jones – who tries to slander one group of rich people, while pretending the Koch’s and the crazy right-wing billionaires that are ACTUALLY BUYING OUR GOVERNMENT are good guys.

Why is it amusing?
These idiots are so stupid they ignore the reality, which is already incredible enough (if you pay attention to it), in order to spend time frothing at the mouth about some looney person’s fantasies. All the while they vote against themselves and the country – and pretend to be patriotic.

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