Are conservatives my enemy?

In my view, these are the most important issues facing the country.

1. campaign finance
2. energy independence
3. climate change
4. debt

Campaign Finance Reform.
This is desperately needed, thanks to the right-wing supreme court. Multi-national or even foreign corporations can now donate unlimited amounts of money to influence our elections.
Conservatives I’ve spoken with like the fact that billionaires have a bigger voice than the average American, oddly enough.
In this case, conservatives stand in the way.
They are my enemy.

Energy Independence.
When a con talks about energy independence, they appear to be talking about “drilling america”. Do any of you retarded cons understand that even if the oil is drilled here, its a global commodity? Cons stand in the way of their own policy here (cap and trade).
Again, they are my enemy.

Climate Change.
Cons constantly lick the ass of the oil industry. They like to pretend climate change is a hoax / scam, because they are paid to do so by oil interests.
A 3rd affirmative – conservatives are my enemy.

This is not that big of a deal, honestly.
Returning to 1960’s tax rates on our rich and corporations would resolve the entire debt in a decade.
Conservative views on debt are simply ridiculous.
For example, the thought that tax cuts are free, lol. (reducing revenue doesn’t affect the bottom line in this stupid theory).
They watch republicans built the debt, and then get pissy at the democrats trying to clean up the mess.
Conservatives are simply dumb.

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