America First and MAGA are slogans of hate and stupidity; they are not policy.

President Trump’s oft-repeated slogan “America First” was also a credo of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan organization.

And somehow, conservative mental patients think that by saying “america first” it means trump’s anti-american policies are putting america first?

Trump’s other slogan, MAGA, is surely borrowed from hitler (trump’s first wife said he kept a book of hitler’s speeches by his bed), rather than reagan as some have claimed. Trump said he hated reagan.

A prominent theme during the Nazi Party’s ascendancy was restoring Germany to its former greatness, and Adolf Hitler used the phrase “make Germany great again” upon occasion.

Do conservative mental patients think saying “make america great again” makes us great?
Because guess what mental patients – nothing trump has done improved the lives of americans.
Quite the opposite, which is why he’s history’s worst president.