Why are republicans so pro-russia? Why do republicans love russia’s dictator?

Is it the same reason that republicans hate democracy (our own, ukraine’s, etc)? Is their shared hate of democracy the tie that binds them together?

A few decades ago, russia was recognized as a foe. Today, many republicans carry putin’s water, including but not limited to useful idiot tucker carlson and the orange traitor, trump. It’s also a bunch of congressmen and senators.

Or is it money? Are republicans on putin’s payroll?

Or even simpler – the dumbfuck pro-fascist anti-american propaganda network fox news has been promoting putin for decades. Despite being an incredibly stupid propaganda network, fox has been very effective at getting their audience to vote against themselves and getting republican politicians to act against the interests of the country. Maybe republican politicians go along with that knowing fox is an anti-american organization, but they are too cowardly to stand against fox. Or maybe republican politicians are simply fucking stupid.