The Roberts Supreme Court is ENTIRELY political

Is this history’s most blatantly political supreme court?

Has there been another supreme court more determined to ignore the constitution?

How do you even call yourself a supreme court justice while ignoring the constitution?

These are not easy questions to answer.

There have been very political supreme courts. The supreme courts under FDR were very political, before he threatened to expand the court. The supreme court that installed GWB against the will of the american people was very political (that supreme court shared members with this current fascist supreme court).

Ignoring and undermining the constitution… yeah, this is probably the worst. The supreme court with scalia that rewrote the 2A so that every nutjob can get an assault weapon was pretty damned stupid, though again that court shared members with today’s fascist supreme court.

Not only is 2/3 of this supreme court illegitimate, they blatantly ignore the constitution that they pretend they revere. Fuck this supreme court. Fuck John Roberts.