Lets talk about SPENDING

Consider the following chart:

The top line in dark blue, is outlays. This is federal spending.
If you can READ A FUCKING CHART, you’ll noticed that spending has DROPPED consistently under President Obama (doesn’t that blow up every dumb “spending” whine propagandist conservatives have said for 5 years?).

And before you celebrate the lowered spending, economists have said to concentrate on jobs, rather than deficit reduction – but when you have a wacko right wing House as we’ve had since 2011.. wtf can you do? (R)’s won’t allow anything that would help the economy to even get a vote. Experts don’t matter to wacko cons.

You’ll also note that revenues have improved – due largely to the partial repeal of the bush tax cuts to a decent degree and the improving (relative to the beginning of 2009) economy.

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