The many ways republican-supporters are stupid and anti-american

Republican supporters believe they are patriots.
This is false.
EVERYTHING these idiots believe is a lie.

They pretend they care about the deficit – which REPUBLICANS created, and maintain and promise to make worse.

They pretend to care about the debt, also nearly entirely a REPUBLICAN creation.

They pretend to care about jobs, but support the party blocking EVERY JOBS BILL since Feb 2009.

Fox has taught these tools that (D)’s had a supermajority able to pass whatever they wanted, but that is a lie.
An easily disproven lie as well.
60 votes is what it takes to beat the constant (R) filibuster.
(D)’s never had that.

REPUBLICANS are NOT good for the economy in ANY way.
They say that they are, and fox might give the impression they are – but its the farthest thing from the truth.

There is not a single impression you get from fox “news” that is accurate.
Right wing media has been bending conservatives over a barrel and treating them rough, for YEARS.

Is it not our duty as liberals to protect our SIMPLE-MINDED american brethren from voting against themselves, as a result of easily disproven lies?

I know they are lazy and stupid.
but they don’t mean to be anti-american.

One thought on “The many ways republican-supporters are stupid and anti-american

  1. dan’s right and the judgment sholud be harsh if romney’s boast is untrue in the face of objective facts. i would want to know more are pike tolls, municipal excise taxes and fees enacted by the legislature part of this analysis? if romney proves out as a liar or mischaracterizer, so be it. of course i dont think dog abuse is a very good campaign issue for mitt to run on either.

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