How the deficit has progressed under Obama

FY2009: 1.4 trillion
FY2010: 1.3 trillion
FY2011: 1.3 trillion
FY2012: 1.1 trillion
FY2013: 0.6 trillion

Those numbers look even better when you adjust for inflation (which I’m not going to do for you).

And what do idiot conservatives parrot?
“Obama tripled the deficit”


The deficit before Obama took office was 1.2 trillion.
The stimulus which got only 3 (R) votes, added about 150 billion to that first year’s deficit, and a bit more to the next two years, for a total near 800 billion before adding tax revenue generated as a result.

The deficit is expected to be 0.6 trillion for this year.

The deficit has been cut in half using nominal dollars.
Its even better inflation adjusted or deficit to GDP (10% to 4.2%)

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