Were any of the current republican-appointed supreme court justices nominated or confirmed by representatives that were elected by the majority of americans?

Checking to see if the justices were appointed by a president that won the popular vote is easy.

Appointed by Trump, who lost the popular vote.
Barrett, Amy Coney
Kavanaugh, Brett
Gorsuch, Neil M.

Appointed by GWB, who was appointed to the presidency by the fascist supreme court justice majority. GWB lost his election and the popular vote.
Roberts, John G., Jr.
Alito, Samuel A., Jr.

Appointed by GHWB, who did get the most votes in his election.
Thomas, Clarence

So of the fascists on the supreme court, only one of the 6 was appointed by a president that the majority of voters selected.

Slightly harder is checking to find the number of votes the confirming senate got.

In 2016’s elections…
Republicans got 40,841,717 votes for their senators.
Democrats got 51,315,969 votes for their senators.
Despite getting more than 10 million fewer votes, republicans maintained their majority in the senate.
The 3 fascist justices appointed by popular vote loser trump were confirmed by a senate that was nowhere close to representing US voters.

2004’s elections determined the senate for both of the justices nominated by election-losing and supreme court appointed GWB.
Republicans got 39,920,562 votes.
Democrats got 44,754,618 votes.
Again, republicans controlled the senate by virtue of winning low population states.
And again, each of the supreme court justices appointed were confirmed by a senate that did not represent the majority of american voters.

1988’s elections determined the senate during GHWB’s presidency.
Senate Republicans got 31,151,251 votes.
Senate Democrats got 35,137,786 votes.
Clarence Thomas was confirmed by a senate that was nowhere close to representing the majority of voters.

So what do we take from this, aside from the senate being completely anti-democratic, where republicans have often maintained a majority despite getting fewer votes?
Each of the republican appointed supreme court justices were confirmed by a senate representing the minority of voters, and 5 of the 6 were nominated by presidents that lost the popular vote.

American voters did not want these illegitimate fascist supreme court justices in power making bad decisions for America.