Trump wants to be a dictator and Republicans want to let him be a dictator

Trump loves dictators. He thinks they are STRONG.
Trump consistently blows off democratically elected leaders, but he licks putin’s boots and revere’s north korea’s dictator.
Hey fascist right wing voters – if you want a dictator, MOVE to russia or MOVE to north korea. Don’t fuck up the USA because your brain is damaged.

If you haven’t heard anything about the right’s “project 2025”, you should take a few minutes and inform yourself.

Wikipedia has a brief summary: “Project 2025 seeks to place the entire Executive Branch of the U.S. federal government under direct presidential control, eliminating the independence of the DOJ, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and other agencies.”

A couple additional highlights I pulled from that page.

Project 2025 proposes dismantling strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change, including by gutting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and abolishing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which the project calls “one of the main drivers of the climate change alarm industry.”

The fascist right wants to ignore science and harm humanity’s future. Yay, because harming your children and grand-children and their offspring is completely “pro-life”, right fascists?

…it recommends eliminating full employment from the Federal Reserve’s mandate, instead focusing solely on the inflation target.

The lowest inflation in recent decades has been during republican economic disasters, where tens of millions lost their jobs. Republican economic disaster IS NOT GOOD POLICY, even if the price of gas is a bit lower.

The fascist right wants to ban pornography. But they’ll still have some mentally challenged fans in that industry.

Project 2025 established a personnel database shaped by the ideology of Donald Trump

The ideology of Donald Trump? Hate of democracy and freedom, Love of Dictators. Destruction of any of the freedoms and protections granted by our Constitution.

Wikipedia links to several reactions on that page, with one of them summarizing it as:

Project 2025 seems to be full of a whole array of ideas that are designed to let Donald Trump function as a dictator, by completely eviscerating many of the restraints built into our system. He really wants to destroy any notion of a rule of law in this country

Republicans are NOT patriots. Republicans hate everything that is good about the USA. Republicans want a dictator, and for some reason they have decided that dictator needs to be the dumbest, most corrupt man on the planet – Dementia J Trump.

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