Republican policy vs Democratic Policy

Republican Policy:
– vote to repeal obamacare, which cost $50 million.
– government shutdown, which cost $24 billion.
– wanted to end obamacare, which would add $110 billion to the deficit.
– wanted to cut funding for obamacare, which by itself would add to the deficit.
– bush tax cuts, which have cost more than 3 trillion through 2008.
– bush medicare expansion, whose cost was added directly to the deficit.
– the unfunded bush wars, also straight to the deficit.
– the sequester, which has cost hundreds of thousands of jobs.
– public sector job cuts – hundreds of thousands more unemployed.

Democratic Policy:
– obamacare, lowers the deficit by $100 billion over 10 years and gives rules to big insurance.
– financial reform, giving rules to dishonest bankers
– partial repeal of the unfunded bush tax cuts, which reduced the deficit by $600 billion.
– ending the F-22 program saves us billions.
– american jobs act, which was projected by economists to create 1-2 million jobs, but blocked by republicans
– infrastructure repair spending, blocked by republicans
– small business lending bill, which was blocked by republicans.
– veteran’s jobs bill, also blocked by republicans

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