More Lies about the Border and illegal immigration

We know that republicans don’t care about illegal immigration. Republicans simply hate Latinos.
Otherwise, they’d focus on the majority of undocumented that DID NOT arrive by way of the southern border.

The GOP’s myth of an ‘open border’
Contrary to the “open border” myth, U.S. borders are guarded by a vast and well-funded national security agency that has grown far larger and more powerful in recent years. 

The false statements and half-truths about immigration that were told in the second Republican presidential debate
Claim: Trump reduced illegal immigration by 90%
The Covid-19 pandemic caused migration to fall sharply in 2020, and one figure that is close to the 90% drop that Pence pointed out occurred in May 2019, the month with the highest number of apprehensions during the Trump administration, and in April 2020, the month with the lowest enforcement actions during 2020, PolitiFact reported.

After that point, immigrant arrivals rose again. So much so that, according to the PolitiFact analysis, Trump’s last full month in office, December 2020, saw a 300% increase over February 2017, the first full month of his administration.

And here’s something you won’t hear on foreign-owned Fox Propaganda network, or any of it’s copycat networks or right wing hate radio hosts.

Immigration ‘will boost US economy by $7 trillion’ over next decade
The ongoing surge of immigration to the United States will boost its economy by $7 trillion over the next decade by expanding the labor force and increasing consumer demand, a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found.

One of the few “policy ideas” that idiot trump has talked about (aside from continuing to take reproductive health rights away from women) is mass deportation.

Trump and allies planning militarized mass deportations, detention camps

And again, immigration is GOOD for the economy.
Mass deportations are BAD for the economy.
It would be nice if right wingers stopped voting against themselves.

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Tearing Families Apart
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