1. Solar demand is growing just about everywhere.
2. Solar prices are dropping.
3. Solar is getting more efficient.
4. Solar stocks are at very low prices.
5. Oil is FINITE
6. Burning Oil is not good for the planet
7. Coal is FINITE
8. Burning Coan is not good for the planet
9. Natural gas is FINITE
10. Burning Natural Gas is not good for the planet

Assuming you share the planet with me, you should agree that we should stop doing things that are bad for the planet – our home.
This should apply pressure to reduce fossil fuel usage and increase clean energy tech.

If you are employed at a fossil fuel company, you should want to transition to clean tech not only to avoid damaging your home (idiots), but to prepare for the times when fossil fuels are no longer retrievable. Unless you could devise a way to suck carbon out of the air.
More pressure to change to clean tech.

Now, regarding solar investments.
Solar stocks are trading near all time lows, even as most of the market has rebounded – and solar has grown FASTER than the market.
Its clean fossil fuel interests are shorting solar stocks.
Is this not the PERFECT time to invest in solar?
There will be some losers – there will be companies that fail.
SPWR and FSLR should be targets.

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