Do any republicans want americans to vote?

Do all republicans want to suppress the vote? And a follow-up, do any republicans actually support democracy?

I’ve never seen a republican propose or supporting any measure that would increase voting.

I’ve seen republicans use drastic efforts to suppress the vote.

They gerrymander to the extreme.

They lie, often claiming that both parties are the same. Often sending push-poll questionnaires meant only to deceive the recipient.

They throw out ballots with their faulty cross-check program.

They send out mailers that remove people from the rolls if they aren’t returned by a certain date.

Meanwhile, their supreme court justices strike down laws to prevent voter suppression.

When has a republican supported election day as a national holiday, ensuring working americans get a right to vote?

When has a republican supported vote by mail, making it more convenient for americans to vote? (side note, republicans want to kill the constitutionally mandated post office along with killing off the constitutionally mandated free press)

When has a republican done anything to suggest they support democracy?