CEO’s who have threatened their employees to vote for Romney

Steve Wynn, Wynn Casino

Mike White, Rite-Hite

Jack DeWitt, Request Foods

Arthur Allen, CEO Of ASG

Richard Lacks, Lacks Enterprises

Why are these fascist assholes trying to pressure their employees?
They only have one vote, for one.
But lying POS mitt romney himself made a plea to his billionaire friends to try and influence the votes of their employees.

That conservatives see no problem with this identifies them as anti-american.

5 thoughts on “CEO’s who have threatened their employees to vote for Romney

  1. They are doing EXACTLY what unions have done for decades. Why not call the union bosses ASSHOLES?

    You should change this blog to BabyShit, since it is childish crap.

    1. Hello right-wing Tool.

      The decline of the middle class MIRRORS the decline of the unions.
      You right-wing anti-american idiots continue to support policies and politicians that HARM THE UNITED STATES

  2. Babyspittle, you are an idiot. Just because his deficit this year is smaller than the deficit from his first few years doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing. It’s still an enormous deficit. You can call me all the names you want, but I am not Republican, I am not right-winged and I am not conservative. You happen to have no understanding of anything and it’s very clear by everything you say

    1. You’re just stupid.

      are you whining about the size of the deficit (R)’s left behind?
      or that he hasn’t reduced it fast enough, lol?

      under (R)’s since 1980, only 2 years have seen the deficit shrink
      under (D)’s since 1980, the deficit has been reduced every year

      NOTHING right wing crackpots tell you is true.

      For instance, did you think all the republican policies that built the huge deficit ended when Obama took office? They did not.
      And they were not renewed on an annual basis.

      You are whining about Obama and the deficit, when there is no president who has reduced the deficit faster.

      Its completely stupid.

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