Biden economy stomps Trump economy

Trump took office during the longest streak of private sector job growth in US history (thanks Obama) and put us in recession in just 3 years, right before COVID hit us.

Biden took office in the middle of the pandemic and trump economic disaster and has created more jobs in one term than any president in history. Biden’s recovery from the trump failure has been the fastest recovery from republican economic collapse in our history.

If you’re a right wing dumbfuck, you’ll want to whine about inflation – as the odds are extremely low that you’re aware wage growth has outpaced inflation.

Nevermind that even if you believe the right wing idiocy that “government spending created inflation”, TRUMP SPENT MORE THAN BIDEN.

Republicans are terrible people and are terrible for the economy.

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Even before trump’s recession and mishandling the pandemic, his jobs numbers couldn’t match obama’s (225,000+ jobs per month for obama’s last 4 years vs 193,000 in 2018, which was trump’s best year).

If you are right wing stupid, you’ll be thinking “but what about the price of gas”. There are three times since 2005 (gas was under $1.20 during the entire clinton presidency) that gas was as low as approximately $1.70 per gallon. The first was bush’s great recession, during which millions lost jobs and weren’t driving. Trump’s low cost of gas was during the pandemic, which also has low demand because people weren’t driving. In between, Obama hit that level in part by cracking down on oil speculators, which an oil industry exec said added as much as $1 to the cost of every gallon of gas.

REPUBLICAN ECONOMIC DISASTER is not good policy just because the price of gas is lower during those times.

Data Don’t Lie: Biden’s Economic Record is Much Better than Trump’s