Are right wing nutjobs/propagandists flooding yahoo with stupidity?

some example questions from this morning:

Who is Bill Ayers and what is his relationship with Obama?
What do the powers that be (TPTB) have on Barack Obama?
Who was Frank Marshall Davis and what was his relationship with Obama?
Would there be mourning or celebration if Obama left office early?
Did Obama misunderstand the words of Dr. Martin Luther King?
Do Liberals honestly believe that Obama is a superhero?
How come Obama is taking yet another expensive vacation (G8 summit) trip, yet the children cannot see the WH tours?
Obama just gave $300 million to the Syrians, bringing the total to $800 million total, your thoughts?
If the IRS was used to target specific political groups?…?
Time for all Real American to take back this country from corrupt o bama and his regime?

just about half of the questions posted to yahoo’s shit-pile are bullshit questions.
smells like koch brother deception to me.

If any of my readers are too dumb to know why any of these questions are bullshit, I’ll explain it to you.
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