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Crappy movie reviews here

The Event

I’ve tried to care about this show.
Unfortunately, I seem to be falling into the Bourne trap.
Every time I try to watch the Event I end up falling asleep.

I’m not sure why that is, but obviously I haven’t grown attached to the main characters.

The pace doesn’t seem fast, but a lot has happened:
– plane disappear
– passengers die
– passengers come back to life
– now dying again

I assume I’m supposed to care.

I lost interest in writing about the event.
If it improves, maybe I’ll finish this.

I’m starting to care a little bit.
The show must be improving.

Or my standards are rapidly lowering.

Twilight falling fast?

Someone help me out here.

I heard a couple of weeks ago that the movie “new moon”, part of the twilight trilogy, came out and nearly set a record for number of teenagers watching in the first week.

But I cannot see it on the top 10 list on yahoo movies.
Is this an error?
Or am I not seeing it?
1 – 2012
2 – Disney’s A Christmas Carol
3 – Precious
4 – The Men Who Stare at Goats
5 – Michael Jackson’s This Is It
6 – The Fourth Kind
7 – Couples Retreat
8 – Paranormal Activity
9 – Law Abiding Citizen
10 – The Box

I see no mention of twilight or new moon.
Did that movie already drop out of theaters?
If so, great.
But something tells me yahoo is missing a movie in their top 10.

The trailer, and an annoying ad.

Avatar Trailer

The Avatar Trailer is below.

Avatar was directed by James Cameron.
Yeah, the titanic guy.
But also the strange days guy.

Did Terminator 3 (bleh)
But also did Terminator 2 (yay)
And bonus points for the first film.

Can’t forget True Lies either.

Hit or miss.
Call me a skeptic about this film based only on the director.
I give it a 60% change to be a very good, not great, movie.
And a 40% change to be an average film or worse.
I’ll wait for critic reviews before thinking about spending money on it, though.

It is pretty though.

The official website is here.

This is the trailer for the Avatar video game.
Which doesn’t look as terrible as most movie tie-ins.

Shutter Island

Directed by Martin Scorsese.
With Ben Kingsley and Leonardo DiCaprio.

I’ll wait for video, barring an outstanding review by Roger Ebert.
I like Scorsese usually, but I really don’t like DiCaprio, despite the feeling that he’s a rather accomplished and talented actor.

The unusual thing about this movie is that its a slasher/suspense flick.
Not something that is typically Scorsese material.

The Men Who Stare At Goats

This looks really funny.

I don’t mind Clooney.
I enjoy Spacey.
Jeff Bridges and Ewan McGregor.

The movie is directed by Grant Heslov, who’s been in many good movies as an actor.
This will be his 3rd director credit, with Unscripted and Par 6.
I’ve seen neither.

So this movie is a toss up, but the preview looks really funny.

This trailer reminds me of fainting goats, which may be what they used in filming.

No Impact Man

No Impact Man is determined to live making as little impact as possible.
Only local foods, no automobiles, no electricity.
Sounds like torture to me.

This movie has been received well at film festivals.
I like the big productions, typically.

Although I will find a way to see Capitalism, and the Cove.
And maybe I’ll find a way to watch this one too.
Movies don’t win awards for nothing (unless the main character is retarded).

Trailer is here.

Gandhi and International Day of Non-Violence

Hope your yesterday was non-violent.

Read more about Mahatma Gandhi here:

And remember there is a good move with Ben Kingsley from 1982 that is worth watching again.

More about the movie is here:
Has Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown) as well.

It seems that well-remembered men of historical importance often born into families of means.
I’ve been reading a book about the top 100 scientists in history, with short biographies of the top 100 scientists as ranked by the authors.

None so far into the book as I’ve read have been born into poverty.
Not a surprise.

Movies on the watch list

District 9 I haven’t seen.

And Zombieland makes my list.
It looks like its being directed by a rookie.

The director is listed as Ruben Fleischer

Woody is cool, the girls are cute.
Looks completely watchable.

Here’s the trailer:

Chances are good that 2012 is going to suck, so I’ll wait for the reviews on that.
The Cove is one I am looking forward to (and have been meaning to see, being that its in theaters now)

The movie has not been released yet, but will be available on December 8, 2009.

I have a link to the dvd on this page.
Might be a good gift (hint).

A documentary that feels like a thriller (I might have got that from their own trailer, hah).