Robert Gibbs

This is a video from earlier today with Robert Gibbs (press secretary) describing the president playing basketball with Reggie Love.
Apparently the president made a few blocks on Reggie, and I didn’t understand exactly why that would be a surprise.

Wikipedia has a hint:

“He was a forward for the Duke Blue Devils basketball team, and played on the 2001 team that won the NCAA national championship, and was a captain of the 2005 team. He also played wide receiver for the Duke football team, and tried out unsuccessfully with several NFL teams.”

So the guy was nearly a professional athlete.

Here is Gibbs with Hannity after the second presidential debate:

Hannity is a drama queen, and wrong as is typical.

Gibbs responding to Santelli:

Isn’t it a bit ironic that the smartest people tend to be the ones that realize they aren’t the smartest?
I appreciate that Gibbs gets information from people smarter than him.

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