The problem with letting dictator Putin take Ukraine

We like democracy, right? We always pretend we do. For fuck’s sake, that was a big part of the right wing justification for invading Iraq (after GWB’s other justifications proved to be bullshit).

Putler wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Ukraine still had a pro-putin figurehead as “president”. But since Ukraine is a democracy and elected their own leadership who is not a corrupt Putin lackey, Putin decided he had to kill thousands of people (Putin clearly has a tiny penis).

If you’re ok with letting dictator Putler destroy Ukraine, then you are anti-american, as the very principles on which our country was founded don’t mean a damned thing to you.

And what happens if Putin is able to take Ukraine? If we are dumb enough to put traitor trump into the white house, we’d likely see Putler attack other countries, including NATO countries – knowing that his puppet trump is more beholden to Putin than to our ALLIES.

And if we don’t honor our defense treaty, what good are we in foreign affairs? We’d lose every ally we have. I can’t tell you the cost of that idiocy, but it would have a huge negative impact.

If we make the only rational choice and keep Biden in office, our troops would be in harm’s way when Putler attacks NATO allies. Making a small investment in Ukraine stops Putin in Ukraine and we don’t endanger our soldiers lives. IT COSTS LESS TO DEAL WITH DICTATOR PUTIN NOW, rather than later. And Ukraine is doing all the fighting.

If there is a god, let her bless Ukraine and take a giant crap on Putin.

And now, perhaps you should read something from far more of an expert than I am, Malcolm Nance.
Why I Fought in Ukraine & Will Fight Harder in America

Addtional reading from people that aren’t beholden to Putler.

The United States must maintain its course on Ukraine because it is essential to America’s national security interests and democratic values. A Ukraine defeat would create a more dangerous and unstable world.

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