The Event

I’ve tried to care about this show. Unfortunately, I seem to be falling into the Bourne trap. Every time I try to watch the Event […]

Pippin’s Song

This minute section of the 3rd movie was one of my favorite scenes. Apparently, the song was put together almost last minute by the actor […]

Twilight falling fast?

Someone help me out here. I heard a couple of weeks ago that the movie “new moon”, part of the twilight trilogy, came out and […]

Avatar Trailer

The Avatar Trailer is below. Avatar was directed by James Cameron. Yeah, the titanic guy. But also the strange days guy. Did Terminator 3 (bleh) […]

Shutter Island

Directed by Martin Scorsese. With Ben Kingsley and Leonardo DiCaprio. I’ll wait for video, barring an outstanding review by Roger Ebert. I like Scorsese usually, […]

The Men Who Stare At Goats

This looks really funny. I don’t mind Clooney. I enjoy Spacey. Jeff Bridges and Ewan McGregor. The movie is directed by Grant Heslov, who’s been […]

Where the Wild Things Are

Here is a critic’s take, who loved it. The movie in general is getting good reviews from the critics.

No Impact Man

No Impact Man is determined to live making as little impact as possible. Only local foods, no automobiles, no electricity. Sounds like torture to me. […]

Gandhi and International Day of Non-Violence

Hope your yesterday was non-violent. Read more about Mahatma Gandhi here: And remember there is a good move with Ben Kingsley from 1982 that […]

Movies on the watch list

District 9 I haven’t seen. And Zombieland makes my list. It looks like its being directed by a rookie. The director is listed as Ruben […]