Jonathan Sanchez of the SF Giants

San Francisco Giants lefty, Jonathan Sanchez
San Francisco Giants lefty, Jonathan Sanchez

Earlier this summer, J. Sanchez of the San Francisco Giants threw the first no-hitter in San Fran since the 70’s.

Before that game, he was having a rough season, and in the offseason was rumored to be a trade subject.
Today, he’s proving to be one of the toughest pitchers to hit in the national league.

Still a bit wild, with more than 80 walks – but the second half of the season his walk rates have gone down while his strikeout rates have gone up.
A rotation of:

1. Lincecum – (.208 ’09 BAA ranks 2nd in the NL)
2. Cain – (.235 ’09 BAA ranks 11th in the NL)
3. Sanchez – (.222 ’09 BAA ranks 5th in the NL)
4. Zito – (.250 ’09 BAA ranks 19th in the NL)
5. Bumgarner (the rookie)

Sounds great to me for next year (making sure to limit Madison’s innings).
4 of the top 20 hardest pitchers to hit in the national league reside in San Francisco.

Sabean should let Bowker have LF – cheap and might be the big bat we need to go with Sandoval. If we can get reasonable production out of the non-Sandoval position (either 3b or 1b) and Renteria has a bounce-back season at the plate, the Giants could have an average offense to go with their outstanding pitching – and that could lead to a title. And with fortune, Buster Posey has a fine rookie season next year.

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