Campbell Brown on Journalism

More evidence refuting the assertion that CNN leans to the left.
CNN leans right by continuing to passively help right-wing disinformation spread.

Referring to CNN’s Campbell Brown, Media Matter’s James Foser writes:

And in Brown’s telling, MSNBC “leans left” just as much as Fox “leans to the right.” Of course, Brown doesn’t actually provide any examples; doesn’t even name any names. In a segment that ran nearly 1,000 words, Brown didn’t provide a single example of slanted commentary, flawed journalism, false claims, or anything else at all. No facts, no details, nothing.

And maybe CNN’s refusal to consistently point our right-wing lies and smears is part of their effort to be an impartial observer.

But when CNN gives equal time to crackpots as they do legitimate politicians they do the entire country a disservice – that equal time is augmented when lies are not called out.

To me it appears that CNN’s chiefs have decided to try and grab some of the Fox crazy money and have started to intentionally drift to the right.

Here’s Campbell’s video in question.

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