Right Wing Spammer: Megameat

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Megameat’s favorite right-wing swill to spam?

Tumble down the economic rabbit hole into Obama’s socialist Wonderland. If Obama were thrifty with precious tax dollars, the left would hate him more than Bush. Instead, they cheer the illusion of fiscal responsibility. What morons could be fooled by these pathetic, shameless, risible claims by desperate Obama- the Mad Hatter? Certainly not conservatives nor the left. A few independents? I think not. Obama, the Hatter, appears the fool to even attempt this Lie. Never forget $5 trillion dollars in debt, a permanently higher baseline budget and trillion dollar deficits into perpetuity without proper accounting of massive entitlement liabilites. Oh, and don’t forget Obama Care soon to rack up trillions more debt while posing the cruelest riddles in our Obama socialist Wonderland.

Taking down this piece of crap.
1. megameat repeats the ignorant socialist claim, first adopted by fox’s bill sammon
2. “If Obama were thrifty with precious tax dollars”. Spending under Obama has grown SLOWER than any president in 60 years.
3. “Never forget $5 trillion dollars in debt”. The debt under obama is 80% republican policy (bush tax cuts, wars, medicare expansion) and the two recessions under GWB. This dumb con continues the foxpublican strategy of blaming obama for republican policies (all while whining that obama blames bush, lol)
4. “trillion dollar deficits into perpetuity”. False. Trillion dollar deficits die with the bush tax cuts.

The deficit is 12 years old. Medicare and Social security are not responsible for the 12 year old republican created deficit.

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