Iran Elections Mousavi and Ahmadinejad

The song is Requiem for a Dream.

Allaho Ackbar, Iran.
Down with the dictator.

Iran attempted to shut out all media in the month following the elections.

Can't stop the internet
Can't stop the internet

More about the cartoon’s artist, Marshall Ramsey can be found here:

The election in Iran this year mirrored our own election in many ways.
Iranian youth largely supported the reform candidate, Mir Houssein Mousavi who served in Iran’s government in the 80’s.

More about Mousavi here:

I have heard many in the states say that there would be no difference between Mousavi’s presidency and that of Ackmadinnerjacket’s – as the ‘supreme leader’ (their religious leader also sets social policy, as I understand it) is ayatolla khameini.  But comparing the speech of the two, I would prefer the Mousavi’s new (old) blood over the dinner jacket.  While the jacket denies the holocaust and seems artificial and inflexible, Mousavi talks of people’s rights and equality with women*.

Indeed, Mousavi’s wife, Zahra_Rahnavard had become an important part of her husband’s campaign, taking the stage at his side.

The first presidential debates of Iran are summarized in the video below.
Dinner Jacket managed to attack Mousavi’s wife.

The excitement about Iran’s election reminds me of our own.

A key difference, is that our election ended in relief and small gasps of optimism.

A girl cries
A girl cries

Getty Images.

Theirs ended in despair.

Update – A better (more complete) telling of this story comes from here:

Its much more detailed that what I have thrown together.
And he’s got fewer spelling errors, I’m certain.

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