This is simply AMAZING!

“House GOP Declares Unanimously: Bush Tax Cuts Did Not Blow Up The Budget”

That’s like painting a big “THERE’S NOBODY DUMBER THAN ME!!!” sign on your head, republicans.
but then, that statement is probably true.

Repubulicans in the House were trying to pass a bill that would change the “way neutral budget score-keepers analyze the effects of taxation, to make it appear as if unpaid-for tax cuts don’t deepen deficits.”

They want to hide the cost of tax cuts (reduction in revenue), like they hid the cost of the bush wars.
In that manner they can AGAIN build a HUGE deficit, which they can again try to blame on democrats, despite reality.
Then they can AGAIN claim “we can’t afford these middle class programs, or programs for our poorest”.

If I believed in the concept of evil (I do believe in the concept of greedy turds), republicans would get that label.

Eff you.
Eff you lots.

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