Giants in review

Last October, I suggested the Giants do a whole lot of nothing in the off-season. Clearly, they wouldn’t be in the World Series if I was their GM.

However, I did get a couple things right:
– suggesting Posey start the season with the team. they would have won a game or two more with Posey over Molina – however I can’t fault their handling too much. The kid’s done great.
– pick up the option on Sanchez.
– leave the rotation alone.

Some things I got wrong:
– Ryan Garko. I suggested resigning him, seeing no obvious upgrade available. He managed 38 plate appearances this year.
– I also suggested signing Nick Johnson, who was injured most of the year.
– I suggested Panda at first base as an option, but then we wouldn’t have Huff’s great year – and Pablo had a rough sophomore slump
– Nate Schierholtz. The “wrongness” here is debateable, as Nate didn’t get many at bats, but again showed great OF defense.
– Rowand. I expected a bounce back season.
– Rentaria. I expected a bounce back season.
– Bowker. I still think they gave up on him too soon and I hope he has success in pittsburgh.
– I didn’t mention Andres Torres, who was the giants best position player this year (and kept Rowand out of the lineup).

The giants would definitely have missed the playoffs, in my scenario.
So for the first time – Bravo Sabean.
This is a fun team to watch, most of the time.

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