MLB 2010 – who’s taking a step forward?

Felix Hernandez, Seattle
He was great this year.
I think he can do better.

Clay Bucholz, Boston
Assuming he’s given a spot, of course.

Phil Hughes, New York (AL)
Same thing

Max Scherzer, Arizona
I expect an ERA below 3 with 200 K’s.

Mat Latos, San Diego
This guy strikes me as really good.
And in that park? I expect he’ll get an all star nod next year.

Daric Barton, Oakland
.280 average, 15 home runs, 85 rbi, .380 obp
Some may not count that as a breakout, but we’re not expecting a lot of power.
This is not much of a stretch, but so far he’s only shown greatness in September.

Ryan Sweeney
He’ll hit over .300 with closer to his second half slugging numbers than his first half.
Here’s hoping, that would make him an all star.

Travis Snider
I expect he’ll hit right away – not to the Ryan Braun level. Less average, maybe more power.

Colby Rasmus
I should give the guy a couple more years before expecting much, but I have high hopes.

Carlos Santana
He’ll hit right away. recent posts:
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