To the playoffs go the Twins

The Twins won in extra innings of their extra game, against the Detroit Tigers.

This pleases me, for several reasons:

  • As an A’s fan, I have the small-market brotherhood feeling with the Twins.  Although apparently their limits could be relaxed by a more generous owner.
  • Joe Mauer – the best player in the AL, and perhaps the game (Pujols vs Mauer) will be in the playoffs.  I give the edge based largely on the strength of Mauer’s defense and position.  Pujols is still the more powerful hitter. A few years ago, Mauer became the first catcher in AL history to winning a batting title.  He’s has now won 3 out of the last four batting titles.
  • Their all star first baseman, Justin Morneau is injured – they are big underdogs going into the division series against the yankees.
  • Their roster is largely homegrown.  Their closer came from the giants.  Carlos Gomez came from the Mets and Delmon Young came from Tampa Bay with Brendan Harris.

As much as I would have enjoyed watching Verlander in the playoffs, I’m glad the Twinkies won.

Yahoo MLB recap, Twins vs Tigers

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