I just had sex

This is hilarious. They did another video with Paul McCartney here.

What the common Fox viewer thinks is reality.

From World Public Opinion: http://www.worldpublicopinion.org/pipa/pdf/dec10/Misinformation_Dec10_rpt.pdf There were however a number of cases where greater exposure to a news source increased misinformation on a specific issue. […]

Working Class Hero

Which version of Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” do you like the most? Ozzy Osbourne Green Day Marilyn Manson Manic Street Preachers Cyndi Lauper Noir Désir […]

Searching for a non-Fox cable provider

Comcast is out. AT&T supports idiot tea-baggers. Directv is owned by news corp (fox “news”). Hmm. Dish network may be free of right wing lunacy. […]

Youtube journey

Read the comments of my video. Its clear this video got 5,000 views because a certain group of people think its something its not. I […]