Deficit Monster Will Eat Your Baby

Its simply unbelievable we elected so many republicans who don’t understand how the deficit works. They don’t realize that tax cuts (reduced tax revenue) and […]


AT&T was the top contributor — with a whopping $351,500 — to members of the House Tea Party Caucus, led by the extremist Michele Bachmann, […]

The Event

I’ve tried to care about this show. Unfortunately, I seem to be falling into the Bourne trap. Every time I try to watch the Event […]

Conner Crumbliss and Wade Boggs

Last year, I noted that Conner walked nearly twice as often as he struck out, in his debut at Vancouver. This year, at Kane Country, […]

Cenk Uygur’s assumptions

Last month, Cenk Uygur posted “Why Rahm was 100% Wrong” on The Rahm Emanuel strategy was to cut deals with power brokers in Washington […]