Searching for a non-Fox cable provider

Comcast is out.
AT&T supports idiot tea-baggers.
Directv is owned by news corp (fox “news”).

Dish network may be free of right wing lunacy.

But it looks like I’d have to spend $40/month (special price) to get three of the four channels I watch a lot.
And that rate increases after a year.

So I’m skipping Dish.
Thought about going back to AT&T, as it looks like u-verse claims good speeds.
But its not available here.

Earthlink is $60 for roughly twice as fast as my current internet connection.
I don’t need speed that badly.

I changed my mind – I am going to double my download speed for $5 / month more with the tea party supporting ATT.
From there, I drop comcast and save whatever $60/month I’m wasting.

Worst case, I’ll use the extra speed to hook up a second computer to my tv/stereo to keep some background noise going.

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