Youtube journey

Read the comments of my video.
Its clear this video got 5,000 views because a certain group of people think its something its not.

I even had the explanation there for the curious.
7 different plants (lupines, snapdragons, catnip, red onions and some I’ve forgotten).

My newest video is here.
I’m up to 7 views on that.
Should have zoomed in a lot more.

I checked out an old favorite video.
This storm, the Haboob is imposing.

Saw some neat whirlpool thumbnails, so clicked on one titled “Amazing biggest whirlpool”.

I kind of expected more.

Ended up less than ethusiastic about a bunch of Niagra falls videos, like this one.

Looks cold.
Why would anyone go there in winter?

And then I stumbled across the CN tower, glass floor – lured in by the title “CN Tower Toronto Canada: The Glass Floor (scary!)”.

Another thing I’ve added to my “never do” list.

The elevator ride looks bad enough.

Short youtube journey tonight.

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