A decent prediction by Mike Blowers

Predicted the day of a players first home run.
And the inning (5th).
And the pitch type (fastball)
And the count (3-1).
And the location (left field, second deck).

It appears fairly amazing to me, but I bet if you ask Blowers he’d say its simple luck and educated guesses.

3-1 being a fairly typical fastball count, those two go together.
And the batter is a good fastball hitter with power (or so I’ve heard/read). From his minor league stats I would not be surprised if Tuiasosopo could hit 30 in a season at some point.
Blowers may have scouting information that says the rookie is a pull hitter (most power hitters are pull hitters).
Guessing the inning and distance?
Maybe Blowers saw how far he was hitting in BP that day, but inning sounds like luck or odds.

Still pretty amazing, considering all that.

Rachel Maddow had a clip about the prediction on her show.

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