Not all old folks are medicated!

After last summer’s town halls regarding health care (“keep your government hands off my medicare”) I got the impression America’s seniors were heavily medicated and […]

Lying Republicans

In this instance, I speak of John McCain and Sarah Palin. This video has two clips from one year ago. And if any of that […]

Rachel Maddow is badass

Tonight Rachel interviewed Tim Phillips, who appears to be an emotional type (hurt easy) – though I suspect that is simply an act. Its a […]

Rachel Maddow on Meet the Press

Unless I heard wrong tonight, Rachel Maddow will be on Meet the Press again this weekend. She was first on in August, with Rep. Dick […]

A decent prediction by Mike Blowers

Predicted the day of a players first home run. And the inning (5th). And the pitch type (fastball) And the count (3-1). And the location […]

Rachel Maddow on Obama Diplomacy

Rachel Maddow takes a look at Obama’s surprise announcement at the G20 regarding Iran’s secret nuclear facility. She refers to the announcement as diplomatic shock-and-awe. […]